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Both are sold as 50cm x 50cm lengths. Please note: purchasing 2 won’t give you one continuous metre but rather 2 x 50cm pieces.

Interfacing also sometimes known as stabiliser is a thin layer of backing material that helps keep your fabric secure and prevent over stretching. It is essential with machine embroidery but not as necessary with hand-embroidery, although, it definitely can come in handy! There are two types of interfacing I use with my embroidery – sew in and iron on, both are available in this listing.

Sew-in Interfacing

I use sew in interfacing with my clothing embroidery, particularly on loose weave fabrics such as knits or linens. I secure it in place with some running stitches and then stitch! Then once your stitching is done, just trim away the excess. You can see from the photos this is the same sew in interfacing i use with my stick n stitch packs. I prefer the light weight interfacing as it is softer against your skin.

Iron-on Interfacing

Iron on interfacing has the same purpose as the sew in interfacing, however this interfacing can be secured by ironing it in place. It is perfect for covering stitches on the back of high use items to prevent the threads from snagging or catching, aka tote bags and even clothing items as well. Iron-on interfacing tends to have a smooth/matte side (topside) and a glossy/textured side (the underside with the glue). PRO TIP: To find the top side, glide your thumb over each side. The smoother side is the top and the textured (or glossy) side is the bottom.


Iron-on Interfacing, Sew-in Interfacing


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