Nice to Meet You, i'm bess

girl boss

Creative Homebody

embroidery addict


I am the girl of many creative projects… I love pretty much anything creative, from embroidery, design work, drawing to photography and more. 


My name is Bess, short for Elizabeth. Born and raised in Brisbane, I tend to be very loud and sometimes a bit out there (ok ok, pretty much all the time). 


I graduated uni with a degree in Physiotherapy, to only realise 6 years LATER that it wasn’t the right fit for me and I needed a change. And now here I am. I’ve dabbled in a few new creative projects, taught myself to screen print, hand lettering and now embroidery.  I live on the northside of Brisbane with my hubby and a guide dog in training running around the house. I’m a self-professed movie buff and have what’s probably classed as an unhealthy relationship with Netflix (and now Disney+). So it’s pretty much guaranteed that I will always have a movie or tv show on in the background.

What else should you know about me?

I use way too many exclamation marks and those ‘…’ things in everything I type. I am 100% a visual person and words are not my strong suit (hence the word vomit is happening right now… soz). I love fantasy books and TV shows and if I could pick my superpower it would have to be teleportation… hello never late again and no traffic!! That goes with my obsession with any Marvel (team Cap guys) and I always watch my movies and tv shows with subtitles on. 




Zelda is our (third) Guide Dog in training and ‘works’ part-time as our studio assistant. Her favourite jobs include: supervising post office trips, holding down the floor, sniffing all incoming parcels and accompanying the many spotlight visits. She is always available for employee ear rub therapy.