Nice to Meet You, i'm bess

girl boss

Creative Homebody

embroidery addict


I am the girl of many creative projects… I love pretty much anything creative, from embroidery, design work, drawing to photography and more. 


My name is Bess, short for Elizabeth. Born and raised in Brisbane, I tend to be very loud and sometimes a bit out there (ok ok, pretty much all the time). 


I graduated uni with a degree in Physiotherapy, to only realise 6 years LATER that it wasn’t the right fit for me and I needed a change. And now here I am. I’ve dabbled in a few new creative projects, taught myself to screen print, hand lettering and now embroidery.  I live on the northside of Brisbane with my hubby and a puppy dog running around the house. We have raised four guide dog puppies (6 months at a time) and yes, it’s always hard to give them back. I’m a self-professed movie buff and have what’s probably classed as an unhealthy relationship with Netflix (and now Disney+). So it’s pretty much guaranteed that I will always have a movie or tv show on in the background.

What else should you know about me?

I use way too many exclamation marks and those ‘…’ things in everything I type. I am 100% a visual person and words are not my strong suit (hence the word vomit is happening right now… soz). I love fantasy books and TV shows and if I could pick my superpower it would have to be teleportation… hello never late again and no traffic!! That goes with my obsession with any Marvel (team Cap guys) and I always watch my movies and tv shows with subtitles on. 




Aurora is our newest (and more permanent) studio assistant. She is a wheaten border collie and unlike her forebears, she is ours to keep. Her favourite jobs include holding down the floor and sniffing all incoming parcels. She is always available for employee ear and belly rub therapy.