Mix and Match – Half Moons + Bases for Embroidery Stands

$82.50 (incl GST)

Want to change up your embroidery stand? You can now buy a mix and match of base and half moon set to swap and change on your embroidery stand. You can pick one colour for both the base and half moons or completely swap it up!!!

I know it probably doesn’t need to be said, but just to make sure, this listing is just for the half-moons and base that go on your existing stand. It’s not a listing for the stands themselves – you will need to have already purchased a stand. There will be no hardware or hardwood timber pieces included. You can find the stands here. 

PLEASE NOTE – due to the use of recycled timber and the hand made nature of these stands, there may be imperfections and variations in the timber/paint work from the photos. Personally, we love these imperfections in the timber however we will endeavour to always create the highest quality of product in all areas.

This listing is made to order – please allow up to 2 weeks for manufacturing (not including shipping).

Half Moons

Tibetan Tea, Misty Meadow, Keepsake, Grounded


Tibetan Tea, Misty Meadow, Keepsake, Grounded


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