embroidery for creative homebodies

December 2020


Absolutely gorgeous product. You can tell love and care went into making it. High quality materials and a luxe feel to boot! Arrived packaged beautiful and sustainably and incredibly easy to put together. So functional and has definitely helped me embroider with ease! Also great to know I am supporting a high quality, conscious, woman owned small business!

January 2021


This stand is perfect! I’d wanted a stand for so long, but all the highly rated ones were overseas and out of my price range – thank goodness for this one! Australian made, small businesses supported, and not to mention its super cute, easy to put together, and sturdy. Works perfectly on a table top, or on your lap, and holds any size of hoop – Thankyou so much for making these!

May 2021


My stand just arrived today and I couldn’t wait to put it together! It’s beautiful, has such a nice design and it was so easy to assemble. Of course I had to try it out and it is just fantastic! It moves exactly where you need it to. It’s simple just to flip the half moon over to finish the back of your stitching. And no more hunching over! My neck is thankful! One of the coolest features is the magnet to hold your scissors or needle! I love this stand. So glad I ordered one for me and one for my daughter in law. She’s going to love it as well! (It also only took 12 days to get to Canada!)

August 2020


I just received my deluxe starter kit today and I have been prancing all day long!! It has absolutely everything you could possibly need to start stitching and it shows 100% how much hard work Bess has put into it! The quality of the items is exceptional and I just can’t wait to sit down and start my first ever embroidery piece!! Thank you so much Bess 😊

August 2020


I have just finished the pattern included in the kit and am so happy with my purchase. I’m really glad I bought the kit instead of trying to source the equipment myself. The kit has everything you need to start and experiment and meant that I got started straight away on a pattern that was both appropriate and beautiful! It got my confidence up and taught me a lot of stitches. I’m really looking forward to my next little project!

November 2020


I am so in love with my Deluxe Starter Kit! My kit arrived within reasonable time, and it was packaged efficiently and beautifully. I especially appreciate the noticeable effort from Bess to use more sustainable packaging, without sacrificing how pretty it is! The materials provided in the kit give you everything you could possibly need to begin your embroidery journey. Each item is high quality and incredibly useful. It is clear that Bess put a lot of thought into the creation of this kit — the booklets written by Bess, for example, are very detailed and incredibly helpful! It truly is a must have! Thank you so much, Bess! 🙂

February 2021


I just received my first thread club subscription and the colour palette is gorgeous especially with the Valentine’s Day theme. I can’t wait to receive my future subscriptions. Highly recommend if you’re a beginner of embroidery and building up your thread collection. Definitely a great gift for someone ❤️

March 2021


Such an easy and inspired way to start/complete your thread collection. Love the thought that goes into each colour palette every month. Would highly recommend!

April 2021


Thread Club is such a fantastic idea and brilliant way to collect all of the DMC thread colours. I love the surprise of finding out what each months colour palette will be, each month has been so well thought out!

i’m excited to finally share this cute little custom bouquet i did for a wedding anniversary gift last week 😍
how gorgeous do our new embroidery stand colours look 😍😍😍 we wanted warm and cozy colours for winter time and these hit the spot! much awaited restock on friday the 30th of july!!!
getting back into the swing of things after lockdown last week… work has been slower and less productive these days which is not surprising considering the cute fluffy ankle biter i’m looking after. can’t wait to get back to some more stitching very soon!

wild embrace pdf pattern available in the shop 😍
introducing aurora wilkins… our very own baby puppy. she is a wheaten border collie and we are already completely smitten by her!! she already loves her cuddles and loves playing. it’s been a big day with lots of driving so more photos will come tomorrow buuut be prepared for lots and lots of puppy spam!!!
this new alphabet tropical leaf piece is definitely starting to take shape!! the variegated porthos is my fav hehe just don’t tell the others 🤫
something super exciting is coming soon!!!! 🤫
it’s been nearly 3 months since i’ve stitched something new, well stitched anything… 😅😅 my 28 day challenge really took it out of me and the crazy demands of running a small business kept me so busy!!!! i’ll admit i was feeling super nervous digging into this pattern which i’ve had drawn up for months but it felt so good to finally be back to what i love doing most!!