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i’m currently elbow deep in sanding and painting our next lot of embroidery stands 😅 it’s not very glamorous work so i don’t show a lot of it on insta BUT it is happening and we are doing twice as many stands as last release so we have been very very busy.

psst. the release date is the 6th of november and you can join our don’t miss out mailing list to get early access shopping in my bio.
my little christmas hoop is coming together! lots of chunky stitches using all 6 strands of thread 😍 took me a while to get used to the chunkiness but i’m totally digging it now. 

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i know you’re thinking ‘hold on it’s only october what’s with the christmas stuff…’ well i have some pretty exciting things coming up in the end of november which means i’m prepping for it now.  but how cute has little hoop? more info coming soon 😉😉

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just a girl and her embroidery stands…i keep getting asked how to can get your hands on one. well our summer restock is coming up on saturday the 6th of november AND you can join our don’t miss out email list to get 1 hr early VIP shopping before everyone else - which you want… cause our last release they all sold out in 24 hours 😅
let the painting begin!! it’s less than a month til our embroidery stands are restocked and today was alllllll about priming the half moons for our biggest release yet of 200 stands 🤩 guys that’s 400 half moon pieces 😅😅 i’m gonna be a very busy girl 👩🏼‍🎨
it’s finished!!! looking rather cute if i say so myself!! it may also be the first piece i’ve completed in 6 months 😅😅 running this biz has been taking up all of my stitching time BUT that is going to change with some very exciting developments coming soon!!! but let’s just celebrate finishing tropical leaves first 🌿