Embroidery Stand – Desk and Lap Stand

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PLEASE NOTE OUR STANDS ARE OUT OF STOCK UNTIL FUTURE NOTICE – We are taking a break from stands production for the next little while as ‘The Bush Collective’ will be on maternity leave. We plan to return sometime in 2024, however the dates and colours of the restock haven’t been finalised. 


Let’s face it, having an embroidery stand makes an embroiderer’s life 1000 times simpler. Yes, it is very possible to embroider without one, but my goodness having one makes all the difference. I have been on the hunt for an Australian made, sustainably sourced and ultra functional / adjustable stand that I could recommend. But the thing is … I couldn’t find one. So I did the next best thing and partnered with a local woodsmith, The Bush Collective, to create what you see today. So without any further adieu …

Life with Bess and The Bush Collective are excited to introduce you to our one of a kind, 100% Australian made timber embroidery stands. Not just functional, but minimal and aesthetic too!! We pride ourselves on not only using 95% recycled timber, but also supporting Australian businesses with the hardware and avoiding single use plastic in our shipping materials. Each stand has timber that is completely unique and while we match them as best we can,  your stand could have a range of colours from brown, red to blonde.

If you already have a stand from a previous release but would like to update to a new colour – you can buy the half moon and base pieces here in our mix and match listing.

PLEASE NOTE – due to the use of recycled timber and the hand made nature of these stands, there may be imperfections and variations in the timber/paint work from the photos. Personally, we love these imperfections in the timber however we will endeavour to always create the highest quality of product in all areas. Because of this we do not offer refunds on our stands due to imperfections. However if there is any malfunctions, breakage excessive to standard wear and tear we will replace the piece at no extra cost. Please note that any unpainted elements of the embroidery stand will be kept raw (meaning no staining) and have already been sanded and beautifully presented. As these are individually crafted, please take care with your piece as they could splinter if dropped.



PLEASE NOTE OUR STANDS ARE OUT OF STOCK UNTIL FUTURE NOTICE – join the waiting list at the top of this listing to be informed first when they are coming back!

Assembly and care instructions will be included. An extra assembly video is available here. We also have a blog post showing you how to assemble the stand here.


  • Holds your piece while sewing to free up your hands and take the pressure off your hands, wrists and shoulders.
  • Can be supported on a desk, or under your leg if sitting on a couch.
  • Half moon shaped clamp to hold a large variety of embroidery hoop sizes (max thickness 2cm)
  • Swivel feature to allow easy access to both the front and back of embroidery piece quickly and to adjust angle for sewing as needed
  • 3 adjustable joints to allow for maximum customisation of position while sewing
  • Magnet embedded on top of the stand for holding scissors or needles as you sew
  • Made from recycled hardwood Australian timber
  • Gold hardware for a luxe feel
Weight0.99 kg
Dimensions32 × 24 × 6 cm
Stand Colour

Misty Meadow, Forever More, Alberta Rose, Grounded, Keepsake, Casanova, White Clover, Tibetan Tea, Pale Eucalypt, Lavish Lavender

34 reviews for Embroidery Stand – Desk and Lap Stand

  1. Amy Thomson (verified owner)

    This stand is GORGEOUS! I’m obsessed with non-mass produced items, and this is no exception. I’ve been wanting a stand for so long, but have balked at ordering from overseas. So sturdy, easy to use and BONUS: it looks SO good. I don’t feel the need to pack it away, it’s almost like a feature piece on my desk!

  2. Susan Mechen (verified owner)

    Have just received my blonde stand and I love it. The wood and all pieces are so nice to touch, well made and sturdy. Looks beautiful too. The fact that it’s all Australian made is a huge thing for me. A great addition to my embroidery kit. Well done LWB on a fab product.

  3. Nicole Rawson (verified owner)

    An absolutely gorgeous stand that I couldn’t be more in love with. I’d been searching for a sustainable and Aussie made stand for a while, and I came across this at the perfect time. The quality is excellent, the colours of the paint and wood gorgeous, and the stand itself is so mobile and versatile that it moves anywhere I need to put it as I cross stitch. The gold screws and wingnuts give it a wonderfully luxurious appearance, and little touches like the magnet are so helpful and show this has been well thought out and designed by an experienced needle pointer who knows what is useful and needed. I couldn’t be more pleased with it and already have requests from friends to take it for a test drive! Thank you for making an amazing product.

  4. Victoria Kulyk

    This stand is absolutely stunning! It was so good to see all of the heart that went into making the stands on Instagram. When I received it in the mail, it did not disappoint! The packaging, the instructions and the product are absolutely perfect. I love being able to able to leave it out for easy use and it adds the perfect touch to my craft area.

  5. Lauren Elizabeth (verified owner)

    Absolutely gorgeous product. You can tell love and care went into making it. High quality materials and a luxe feel to boot! Arrived packaged beautiful and sustainably and incredibly easy to put together. So functional and has definitely helped me embroider with ease! Also great to know I am supporting a high quality, conscious, woman owned small business!

  6. Christie (verified owner)

    I had been eyeing off stands for a little while and am so glad I went for one of these. It ticks all the boxes, functional and easily adjustable, sustainable, Australian made and of course lovely to look at! For someone who doesn’t like needle minders, the magnet is a game changer and my left hand is eternally grateful. Life with Bess stand – 1, tennis elbow – 0!

  7. Rachael (verified owner)

    This stand is perfect! I’d wanted a stand for so long, but all the highly rated ones were overseas and out of my price range – thank goodness for this one! Australian made, small businesses supported, and not to mention its super cute, easy to put together, and sturdy. Works perfectly on a table top, or on your lap, and holds any size of hoop – Thankyou so much for making these!

  8. Maddy (verified owner)

    This stand is awesome! I’m reasonably new to embroidery but already I’ve seen the difference in my stitching, plus the fact it looks awesome when I’m working on projects. I love the green and wood, and seriously would buy another one if this one ever needed replacing.

  9. Brooke Stanford

    Absolutely fantastic product! Great design, ergonomically, and love that it is made from recycled timber. Comes with super easy to read assembly instructions, and beautifully packaged.

    My embroidery has become a lot easier, less neck strain, less hand staining on my fabric, and it helps to keep my fabric nice and tight in the hoop.

  10. Chloe Purvis (verified owner)

    When I initially purchased this stand I had doubts about whether or not I truly needed it as I am so new to embroidery and it is an investment, but now after using it for a few months I don’t know what I would do without it! Not only is it both beautiful and sturdy but it is just so useful, I find it so much easier to do things such as french knots when I have both hands available. This embroidery stand is by far one of the best things I purchased in 2020 and I couldn’t imagine embroidery without it! It is well and truly worth the money, its a brilliant product and I love knowing its made from recycled timber by two Australian businesses

  11. Jessica (verified owner)

    These stands are so incredibly beautiful and clearly well made with so much love and attention to detail. Also love that they’re made from recycled timber. The design of the packaging, tape etc also made my day with how beautiful and put together it all was. I’m only new to embroidery however I know my stand is going to make everything a million times easier and cannot wait to use it!

  12. Cesira m (verified owner)

    Love the stand ! It’s been made beautifully and is easy to put together and use ! Don’t know how I’ve lived without one all this time ! I came across bess on tiktok and I’m so glad I did !

  13. Tegan Bortignon (verified owner)

    The stand is stunning, easy to put together and absolutely worth the wait. Bess and co also delivered amazing customer service when I had issues placing an order. Highly recommend the product AND supporting this lovely small business

  14. Hannah Duckett

    Wowza! This stand is not only incredibly functional but it’s truly gorgeous as well. I love that it’s consciously made from recycled wood and that you can absolutely tell it was made with so much love. This is hands down the best embroidery purchase I have made! I’ve had nothing but great experiences with Bess and cannot Rex come to this stand or bee company enough.

  15. Bel McLaren

    Bess and Jake have gone above and beyond to create, not only the most BEAUTIFUL and functional embroidery stand I have ever seen, but they also made the effort to try to get my stand to me by my birthday after my partner emailed them to let them know that it was a gift.
    So much care and effort has gone in to every aspect of this stand, and just the business in general, and it shows! You two amaze me every single day. Your dedication to making each piece so perfect is awe inspiring.
    I will be forever grateful to you both, and my stand is the perfect reminder of how kind some people can be.
    Thanks again guys!

  16. Melanie Hiske (verified owner)

    My stand just arrived today and I couldn’t wait to put it together! It’s beautiful, has such a nice design and it was so easy to assemble. Of course I had to try it out and it is just fantastic! It moves exactly where you need it to. It’s simple just to flip the half moon over to finish the back of your stitching. And no more hunching over! My neck is thankful! One of the coolest features is the magnet to hold your scissors or needle! I love this stand. So glad I ordered one for me and one for my daughter in law. She’s going to love it as well! (It also only took 12 days to get to Canada!)

  17. Kamille (verified owner)

    Lovely stand, beautifully designed and so functional. I have the Tibetan Tea and I absolutely love it. Took a while to get to me, I ordered 1 March and received my order in mid-April but each piece is individually made so despite this issue Bess was always responsive in her messages. Would still recommend, worth the wait.

  18. Kathy (verified owner)

    I am so in love with my Forever Peach stand, which matches perfectly with the rest of my studio. I missed out on the last run and had waited so eagerly for this restock. It was so worth the wait. Everything arrived beautifully wrapped (eco-friendly too!) and it was easy to assemble. It has definitely made hand embroidery easier and quicker too. I no longer fiddle with French Knots. It is definitely a great investment for a beginner like me. I completely recommend this.

  19. Miriam Lowe (verified owner)

    I’m totally obsessed with my Embroidery stand (in the delish colour forever peach!) from first getting the stand in it’s beautifully wrapped pieces and the easily assembling of it all (video link on instructions card) to then using the stand and realising I could stitch for a lot longer as I wasn’t getting cramps in my hand from holding the hoop.

    It’s like how did I live without this?
    This embroidery stand is definitely a need not a want.

    Also it doubles as a beautiful piece of artwork, which looks stunning in my craft space.

  20. Nicole (verified owner)

    This embroidery stand is a life changer! Makes embroidering so much easier and the quality is really good! I love the design and the colours! 🙂

  21. Olympe Obled (verified owner)

    In addition to being practical, this hoop stand is so beautiful and decorates a room very well. If you embroider, you need it !

  22. Bec Dalleywater

    What a perfect product! Even as a beginner stitcher I am in awe of the difference this makes to the process. Such a game changer! It’s so easy to put together as well as to use in practice. The construction and pieces are just gorgeous. I love that this is an Australian made piece, that it supports small business, AND that’s it’s reclaimed wood! The eucalyptus green is stunning and I love the gold hardware. The ease of flipping the half moons to finish off or check out the back is perfect and the magnet to hold my needle/scissors is such a fantastic touch. The thought, care, and passion that has gone into creating this stand is evident in everything from the functionality, to the aesthetic, and even down to the packaging and instructional videos/notes. LOVE! Thank you Bess. x

  23. becbb (verified owner)

    Keepsake – Yellow

    I love my stand. It’s beautiful, it even looks fantastic when it’s not in use.
    My hands don’t cramp trying to hold on to the hoop for hours on end, it holds my scissors and needle on the fantastic magnet so I don’t lose them, and works well on a table but more importantly, I can use it on the couch while watch TV.
    I also love how it comes in sustainable materials, even down to the packaging. Everything it thought out so well.
    Worth every penny… now, back to embroidery.

  24. Sarah W (verified owner)

    I was obsessed with my stand from the moment I received it! Not only are these stands absolutely stunning and sustainable but they make stitching so much friendlier to our bodies! Say goodbye to terrible posture and hand cramps, this stand allows me to stitch for twice as long with zero aches! The lap stand is amazing for stitching anywhere (hello binge watching shows) and as someone who is always losing needles (and needle minders) the inbuilt magnet is a life saver! Thankyou Bess for such an amazing product! I absolutely adore it!

  25. Madeleine Hinchy (verified owner)

    This is so beautifully made. I am SO happy with my gift to myself. I can’t imagine life without it – so much so that I am going to take it with me on holidays interstate!

  26. Hilary Leslie (verified owner)

    This is such a unique embroidery stand! You can absolutely tell it was made by an embroidery artist. I LOVE the flip feature so you can knot the back of your project without taking your entire hoop off. The magnet is such a nice touch as well for your needle or scissors. Bess even included a video tutorial for initial assembly which was wonderfully helpful! Recycled wood, made with love, really lovely purchase.

  27. Olivia (verified owner)

    I somehow managed to get my hands on one during a small sneaky restock in January and I am obsessed. I product itself is beautifully made and you can see the thought that has gone into creating them. I love being able to perch at the coffee table or sit on the lounge and use it as a lap stand. It’s easy to change the positions of the arm to suit what you’re doing, I just keep the Allan key on hand to make sure it’s sitting tight. It takes some getting used to if you haven’t used a stand before but you’ll soon be in love.

  28. Olivia Faulkner (verified owner)

    I was so excited to receive my stand in the post (super thankful that Bess ships to NZ!), and it did not disappoint!
    I’ve wanted one of these stands ever since I first saw them on Instagram, they are so beautiful and functional, I decided to save my money (while being on a student budget) until the next release and I’m so glad I did.
    I agree with all the reviews here that this stand is well worth the investment, I know I’ll be using it for years to come, and as a bonus repurposed wood and plastic free packaging aligns with my sustainability values!! Love love love.

  29. Lilly Schmidt (verified owner)

    This is the best thing I’ve ever bought!
    I had been wanting an embroidery stand for ages but didn’t find one I loved until I came across Life With Bess . The stand is so beautiful and easy to use I cannot rave about it enough! Definitely buy this stand, you will not regret it!

  30. moll_kat (verified owner)

    Such beautiful quality! I’m so I love with my new hoop stand. It not only does what I need but looks beautiful sitting on my desk.
    Worth the investment and I can’t imagine doing my embroidery without it.
    Thank you Bess you have a beautiful business and products. You really can tell how much time and effort you put into everything. ❤️

  31. Madison Etherington (verified owner)

    I have seen recommendations on many sites for a variety of different embroidery stands, all looking cheaply made and, frankly, ugly as heck. As soon as these came back in stock I purchased one as my one and only Christmas gift and waited anxiously as it shipped to me in the US. It took a while to ship, and it was a little pricey, but I wanted a cute, functional stand for my hobby.

    I will never go back to embroidering without this stand!!! It is BEAUTIFUL and everything fits together so well. It’s so sturdy, and the little needle minder on the top is so helpful. Flipping the work is easy as pie, getting it to the exact right height and angle is also so easy (the tips Bess sends with the stand helped a lot to get the hang of it). When I first received it, I was worried about tightening the joints too much, or chipping/scratching the paint on the base, but the stand really is made to grow with you and your craft and each mark of wear shows how much I adore it.

    Cannot say enough incredible things about this stand.

  32. Ashleigh Fry (verified owner)

    OMG I’m so happy with my embroidery stand. It’s stunning and I now need to add some sort of shelf above my craft desk because it’s way too pretty to store in a cupboard 😍 The quality is next level and the workmanship is excellent. Love it!

  33. Michelle Goh (verified owner)

    I am so happy with my embroidery stand! Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it is so functional!! The workmanship and thought that went into making this is unparalleled. Am going to be using this Everytime I stitch!

  34. Kerryn Mattingley (verified owner)

    The embroidery stand is absolutely beautiful. It is made with complete care and works so well.
    It is such a beautiful piece of craftsmanship that it can be left out xx

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