‘Flourish’ PDF Embroidery Pattern

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This pattern was created specifically to accompany my embroidery starter kits, but quickly became a fan favourite with the woven wheel roses a gorgeous feature!! Now, it may seem like it is overwhelming for a beginner and that are a lot of little parts to this piece. However, there is also a lot of repetition, which means you are getting in lots of practice on a wide range of different stitches. Feel free to swap out the quote for a name or a saying of your choice!!

Please note this pattern booklet is best accompanied with A Beginner’s Guide To Embroidery which is available in a downloadable PDF.

2 reviews for ‘Flourish’ PDF Embroidery Pattern

  1. Chloe Purvis

    I got this pattern with the beginner’s embroidery kit, and thus it was the first piece I ever stitched. This piece was a little scary and intimidating to start with, it was very detailed and some of the flowers were so small, but regardless I enjoyed it and the practice it gave me for my stitches- when they say practice makes perfect they mean it. It was an easy pattern to follow using the beginner’s guide to embroidery, which explained all the stitches I needed. I decided to not include the word Flourish in my piece and love how the blank space allows you to put in whatever words you want- and it even looks good without anything there.

  2. Caity

    Such a sweet little pattern. Incorporates so many beautiful stitches that create a beautiful effect for each flower. The depth of the woven roses against the beautiful coloured flowers creates beautiful interest. Can’t wait to finish this one and put it on display. Perfect pattern for beginners learning how to complete different stitches, and your more advances embroiderer who wants to use their creativity to make a truly unique piece.

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