Pattern Club Subscription – January ‘Word of the Year’

$11.00 (incl GST) / month

Pictured is the digital pattern for January – ‘Fresh Start’ Word of the Year Design

Introducing Pattern Club! The perfect way to get your creative juices flowing and learn embroidery with something new each month. At the start of each month you’ll receive a brand new digital pattern as a PDF Download. Each month will be a new design, beginner friendly, inspired by nature, botanicals and other whimsical designs. AND to help build your confidence with stitching you can watch our pattern tutorial videos for each month on our Youtube channel.

Each PDF pattern includes:

  • dmc colour guide
  • material list
  • stitch and colour guide
  • tips and tricks
  • pattern template

Each month a new digital pattern will be added and downloadable via your ‘my account’ where you will get access to all of the PDF downloads for each month that you have signed up for. It’s recommended that you save these on your computer, because if you cancel your subscription you will lose access to all the files.

Why join pattern club? You guys get first access to the pattern each month for a discounted price.  Once the month is over the pattern will still be available to the general public but at our normal pattern price of $15.40.  Plus you get access to a private Facebook group just for those in pattern club where you can get help from Bess, vote on designs for the next month and more!

How the subscription works:  When you first sign up you will receive access to that months pattern club straight away, anytime throughout the month (no cut offs yay!!). And then for the following months that payment will be taken on 1st of the month and access given to that months pattern. For example if you sign up on the 30th of January you will pay $11 (incl GST) and receive January’s pattern and then on the 1st of February you will pay another $11 and be given February’s pattern.

Please note: Due to the virtual nature of this subscription we have a 3 month lock in period (which means it is a minimum 3 months before you are able to change or cancel your subscription). You will still only be charged $11/month however you simply won’t be able to change your subscription status within the first 3 months.

IF BUYING AS A GIFT: Please use your giftee’s email address in the order otherwise they will need your email and account password to log in and get their download each month. Unfortunately it does mean they will get an email with the order details when you do the order. 

Please note: This is a digital product only and no physical items will be shipped to you.


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