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We all know by now that I have a thing for advent calendars… so it is no surprise that I have been dreaming up this wall hanging embroidered advent calendar for goodness knows how long. I’ve wanted something that can be used year after year as an heirloom piece and something we can create our own traditions with. I’m talking cute festive designs for each day, pockets big enough to fit lots of goodies inside AND something that is made with love for your family (whether you have kids or not)… pretty sure my nieces and even my dogs would love their own advent calendar haha. This is our first stitch along and I know that there will be a lot of questions about how it will work and what to expect!! 

frequently asked questions

How does a stitch along work?

A stitch along is an online stitching event where everyone stitches the same pattern/design over a series of weeks or months. It is a great way to feel a sense of community and to learn alongside each other. Some stitch alongs are a mystery and it is gradually revealed what each day or section is that you are stitching! For this stitch along you will know all of the designs and elements involved and the goal is to create a fun festive community where we stitch our way through December! 

How will we get access to the pattern instructions and any video tutorials?

The video tutorials will be delivered in the form of a self paced online course. When orders are shipped, you will receive access to the course with 7 modules of information and instructions including videos on how to prepare and cut your fabric for the calendar, videos for each of the day’s designs and even the assembly sewing instructions. 

What size will the finished calendar be?

The hanging wall calendar will be 60cm x 90cm when completed and each pocket will be approx 13cm x 10cm in size meaning there is enough space for multiple little gifts each day! Day 24 will be a double sized pocket (for Christmas Eve).

When will the orders be shipped?

All orders will be shipped in late September/early October to make sure they arrive with plenty of time before the beginning of December. Priority is given to international orders so they have extra time to arrive!

Will my calendar be finished, ready to use by December?

If you follow the stitch along, we are going to stitch one design a day right up until Christmas! This does mean that (unless you get a head start on the project) that the calendar won’t be ready in time for the countdown for Christmas 2024, but instead creating the calendar for future years is the countdown!

Do I have to wait until December to start stitching the calendar?

You do not have to wait until December to start on this project!  As soon as your kit arrives you will receive access to all of the video tutorials and online resources inside the course so you are able to start on your calendar ASAP if you would like to have it finished earlier or to pace yourself. This does mean you won’t be participating in the stitch along style but you can definitely get in the festive spirit early!

What skills do I need in order to make the advent calendar?

The embroidery for this calendar is suited to a beginner stitcher – most common stitches I have used are satin stitch, back stitch, basic leaf stitch, french knot and stem stitch! You do need to have some basic skills with a sewing machine but if you don’t I have included a quick 101 sewing machine tutorial in the course content and also included instructions on how to hand sew to assemble the banner. 

How much time should I allocate to stitch each day?

Each day takes between 1.5 – 2.5hours to stitch, so it is the perfect project to chip away at one day at a time!! Or you can easily catch up stitching a few days at once if you fall behind.

What is included in the pattern kit?

The pattern kit includes a physical printed pattern booklet, 3m of cotton fabric, DMC threads in the colour palette (29 skeins) + a roll of diamant thread, stick n stitch sulky printed for each day of the calendar, a hoop, needles and also sewing machine thread! 

What else do I need to be able to make the calendar?

Most of the goodies are included in the calendar pattern kit. All you will need is a frixion pen, ruler, sewing machine, scissors and a piece of dowel (approx 1m long). We haven’t included the dowel in the pattern kit as it significantly jumps up the shipping cost due to the size of parcel needed to fit the length of dowel! You can easily find dowel at your local craft or hardware store. And if you don’t own a sewing machine, ask around – you’d be surprised how many people (or their mums) still have a sewing machine that I’m sure they’ll let you borrow for the month!

If you have any further questions of what to expect with our festive hanging advent calendar, feel free to email or DM on Instagram!

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