6 Months of Pattern Club

I can’t believe that we are already half way through 2022 already! I’m sure we all had crazy plans for the year and now that we are 6 months in, we can’t see how time went that fast. We’ve had a lot of exciting changes with Life with Bess this year, but I think we are most proud of our monthly pattern club. I was very excited to start this new subscription at the start of the year as it was a project I’d been wanting to do for the past 18months, but still needed a push from Jake to actually just start! It was a massive learning curve as I have been putting together a ‘Stitch with Me’ pattern tutorial for each of these designs on YouTube. Pattern club has been the perfect opportunity to challenge myself with new skills and to venture outside of my comfort zone… from avoiding florals, trying new stitches and layering fabrics. I try to add something unique and new each month so everyone in pattern club is growing their embroidery skills too!

JANUARY – ‘Shelf Care’

Everyone loves plants and books right? We started off the year with a sweet little design featuring a number of different house plants on a shelf. This was a design I had sketched up in mid 2020 so it was amazing to finally have the push to stitch it up!

FEBRUARY – ‘Floral Dreams’

Don’t tell the other designs, but I think this is still my favourite pattern of the year so far. Florals are my safe space so this felt familiar and comfortable to me. The woven fill stitch on the basket was a big hit and a new stitch for me to learn.

MARCH – ‘Woodland Magic’

This design really pushed me out of my comfort zone… not a flower in sight! But I had fun experimenting with Diamant thread for the first time, and as you will see, I became a bit addicted as we ended up using it in May and June’s patterns.

APRIL – ‘Mixtape’

Florals meet nostalgia in the form of a cassette tape! This month I was inspired by an image of botanicals inside of a clear cassette. I wanted to give that feel of looking into the tape so I used some clear organza over the top of the fabric and then stitched onto that.

MAY – ‘Falling Leaves’

I wanted to try a wreath style design and thought that an autumnal design would be perfect as we came into ‘fall’ here in Australia. When I sketched up the little beanie and mitt, I thought it would be adorable to use some tapestry wool for that knitted texture look.

JUNE – ‘Winter Wanderer’

I have always loved the little worlds inside of snow globes and so to celebrate the arrival of winter the design for June is a little winter wanderer exploring inside a little snow globe. And this pattern uses Diamant Thread in the stars. 

I am so excited to see what the second half of the year has in store!!! And to see my style evolve and push myself outside of my comfort zone more and more.

You can find all the patterns produced so far, as well as the link to join Pattern Club below. 

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