How to recycle & compost your packaging

Sustainability is such a big focus for us at Life With Bess. We’ve put great thought into each of our packaging elements in the hope that they are recycled or composted by you, our customer. If you’ve received a package and want to know what to do with each of the elements read on below to find our how to dispose of each element of packaging.

When you receive your package:

  1. Take off any clear tape. It needs to go into the regular bin. The brown tape or paper tape can be recycled.
  2. Remove any postage stamps by cutting that section out. Stamps can’t be recycled.
  3. If your product is in a mailer, you can reuse this again as it’s got two closure strips. Make sure to cut on the right line so that you can reuse it. Once it’s been used twice you can compost it. Cut it into smaller pieces to help your compost bin break it down.
  4. If it’s in a cardboard box, this can go in the recycling with any hex wrap.
  5. Check below for how our other packaging elements can be disposed of.
The few things that can’t be recycled or composted are: stamps, the circle ‘for creative homebodies’ stickers and any double sided tape.

What can be recycled?

Recycled items can be thrown in your curbside recycling bin. 

  • Thin envelopes (noissue branded)
  • Bubble envelopes
  • All cardboard boxes 
  • Thank you cards, thread club wrap, bobbin wrap, stand base wrap and moons wrap, pattern kit flyer, stand instructions.
  • The address label on the front 
  • Honeycomb hex wrap
  • Water-activated paper tape (Thread Club & Life with Bess tape)
  • Brown packing tape

What can be composted? 

Compostable items can be put into a home compost bin. They act as the ‘brown’ matter. 

  • Thin envelopes (noissue branded)
  • NatureFlex™ Cello bags (& the circle stickers used to enclose them) 
  • Hero Packaging mailing satchels
  • The address label on the front 
  • Honeycomb hex wrap
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