Our Embroidery Studio Tour

I’ve had a lot of requests for a studio tour of my hand embroidery business – so here it is!!! We have been in our current studio since September 2020 and there has been a lot of rearranging and organising in the last 18 months to find the perfect arrangement that works for us. There is 4 main areas that make up my business in our small 3 bedroom townhouse (which feels very small if you count the two dogs as well). There is the main studio – where all of the magic happens, we pack orders and film any videos here, the in-between – which is storage for bits and pieces of stock, the storeroom – for all of our packaging and it’s also where our printers live and finally the patio – which is the workhorse location for our embroidery stands, where we paint and sand everything!

All of the storage bits and pieces I’ve collected for my studio will have screenshots throughout the video below (but I can tell you now… that most of them are from IKEA or Kmart). 

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