Introducing Wren!!

I know, I know… you are probably thinking, what on earth are we doing!!! I never EVER would’ve thought that a little over 6 months after we brought home Aurora (our Wheaten Border Collie), that we would be bring home a second puppy! But when we found out that Aurora’s mum and dad were having another litter in December 2021, Jake had his heart set on getting a second pup to keep Aurora company.  And well I guess the rest is history.Everybody meet Wren… a blue border collie who is full of energy, loves his cuddles and has a very sweet personality (which is a nice change from Aurora’s nervous one). We decided to name him Wren, not only because he is a blue BC (more grey really) but also as a nice homage to my mum who passed away in 2020 and who absolutely loved Blue Wrens. It is sad to know that she never got to meet either of our pups (seeing as I get my love for dogs and all animals from her) but it is special to have him named after her in a way. Aurora has adjusted well to being a big sister (although we were a bit worried about her possessiveness with toys when she plays with other dogs etc) but the two have settled in so nicely together. Wrestles are a daily thing now and he is always rushing to try and keep up with her! I think she has finally adjusted to the fact he is here to stay and not just a visitor.
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