Happy Birthday to Our Embroidery Stands

Happy 1st birthday to our beautiful embroidery stands! I can’t believe it’s been over a year since we first created these.

After being gifted one in early 2020, I went on the hunt for an Australian made, sustainably sourced and ultra functional / adjustable stand that I could recommend to others. But the thing is … I couldn’t find one. So I did the next best thing and partnered with my beautiful friends Holly & Rob at @thebushcollective to create our own. After tonnes of planning, sketching and tweaks we had created our one of a kind, 100% Australian made timber embroidery stands.

Our stands are not just functional, but minimal and aesthetic too!! We pride ourselves on not only using 95% recycled timber, but also supporting Australian businesses with the hardware and avoiding single use plastic in our shipping materials.

I am forever thankful to Holly & Rob, for going along with my crazy idea, putting up with all my requests and tweaks to make our stands the best they can be. It’s a big effort but 100% worth it!

Over the last year we have had 4 releases (including yesterdays) consisting of a total of 9 colours. We have been overwhelmed with the amount of you supporting this venture and we can’t wait to bring you more colours in 2022.

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