Announcing the Stitching & Co. Podcast

HELLO HELLOOOOOOOOO! Well I have something super exciting that has been in the works for the last few months and we officially launched this week. Earlier this year, when I was listening to one of my favourite artist podcasters, Emily Jeffords (Do It for the Process), I realised that we were missing an embroidery specific podcast where all us stitching mad people could learn and hear about all things embroidery. So here we are, a few months later, officially launching of the Stitching & Co Podcast!!!!

our vision for stitching & co.

Stitching & Co was founded as a way to start the conversation within the industry. It’s a podcast that truly promotes community over competition, exploring topics such as creative burnout, imposter syndrome, whether to turn your hobby into a business, how to price your art, how to find your own artistic style that feels true to you, understanding that it is okay to pivot and change directions, and many more highly personal topics that really just don’t get spoken about often. But more than this, Stitching & Co. is the group of friends you’ll want to tune into whenever you sit down to work on your next project.

We all have something to offer each other in terms of knowledge, experience and skill and this podcast is the perfect platform for the amazing, unique artists and designers to share their wisdom. And not just embroidery either… opening up the discussion around small business, social media and branding!! But its not just for those wanting to turn their passion into their job… its for those hobby fans and side hustle stitchers too!

where to find us

As we were sitting down and planning out more we decided that this project is bigger than just ‘Life with Bess’, so we decided to create a whole new brand to encapsulate our vision for the podcast and more. I’m still the host and I will talk a lot about my experiences with ‘Life with Bess’ but doing this means we are able to share the community and celebrate embroidery artists in a unique way by becoming a platform where anyone can contribute. 

where can you listen?

Now we wanted to make sure that no one misses out, so the Stitching & Co. podcast is available on a wide range of platforms… including on the Stitching & Co website. Below are the links to each of the main locations to tune in. New episodes are release every Tuesday so don’t forget to subscribe!

how to support the podcast

After officially launching the first 2 episode yesterday, we are completely blown away by the support everyone has had for the show!! It has just reinforced how much this was needed by the embroidering community. If you are keen to be a guest on the show or even to specifically sponsor the show… just send us an email at

The biggest way to continue to show support is to make sure you subscribe to the show and tune in each week! We of course would love it if you shared it with your stitchy friends. One of the biggest impacts on a new show can be leaving reviews on apple podcasts – this really helps us to be seen by others in the beginning stages. If you don’t have apple podcasts, we also have a slot for reviews on our FB page as well!!

We cannot wait to see where this whole new adventure takes us!!! 

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