the 100 day project florals list

You guys have been asking for my full 100 day project prompt list… so here I am to deliver! For those who aren’t familiar with the 100 day project concept, I’ll give a quick run down for you. 

Essentially it is a worldwide art project that encourages you to take 10-15min a day to work on your creativity. You pick one thing you want to work on, it could be painting, singing, drawing or well anything and you do that one thing every day for 100 days. I decided I wanted to improve my botanical drawings for my bullet journal and just general design work, so I wrote out a list of 100 flowers and plants and each day I randomly draw one out of a hat (or in my case, a bowl) and that’s my prompt for the day. If you were to ask me a year ago if I could draw, my answer would be no way!! But I am only up to day 35 currently but I am already seeing a big difference in my confidence and skill at drawing botanicals. It has been so much fun and I haven’t missed a day at all (which is kinda a miracle).

I have been posting my progress video and final outcome on TikTok and Instagram everyday as social accountability and it has been awesome to see so many of you decide you want to try the challenge too! Below is my prompt list so feel free to join and draw them in order or randomly select like me!! I’d love to see your take on the project so make sure you tag me in your creations. 

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