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I’m Bess

I’m just an Aussie girl with a camera in my hands and big dreams. Obsessed with all things Disney, a shameless Netflix addict and I will always order a burger and fries if I have the chance. Read to get to know me better!!

As a kid I was always into arts and crafts, just wanting to create things with my hands. Everything from colouring, drawing, scrapbooking, cross-stitch and painting just to name a few. I remember one time I made my own confetti out of scrap paper … yeah um my parents weren’t all that impressed. As a nearly 27-year old, wrapping presents is still pretty much my dream job. Is that a thing? I would love that so much.

I think it’s fair to assume I got my creativity and design brain from my mum. She sewed a lot of our clothes growing up (in fact she even sewed my wedding dress!), taught me how to take photos and showed me the world of floristry. Seems like I’ve got creativity in my blood! My sister is an amazing seamstress as well! It’s funny, every time Christmas rolls around my family affectionately call me the ‘sticky tape queen’ and offload majority of their gift wrapping to me (think ribbons, bows, string, twine, you name it) to give their gifts the finishing touch.

I am that girl who always says… “I could just make that myself”.

Did you know I’m a fully qualified physiotherapist? Doesn’t really go with the whole creativity brain does it? I graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor in Physiotherapy and have been working full time in a private practice ever since.

Even though I love to care and help people in whatever way I can, fast forward to 2017… I was on the verge on burn out. I was struggling to connect with my patients, I had lost all of my creativity and I despartely needed an outlet. So with some major encouragement from my boyfriend, now husband, Life with Bess was born.

What started as a lifestyle blog to document life events, has evolved into so much more. I have re-discovered my passion and joy for creating and designing and I get the honour of bringing joy to others as they enjoy the products I create. Life is pretty good around here and I count my blessings regularly for the amazing friends, family and opportunities that I have been given.

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Yep you got that right! Have a slice of Bess pie and get a good look at what makes up life with Bess.

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