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founder / ceo / designer / podcast host

Bess is the creator and mastermind behind ‘Life with Bess’. Bess graduated university with a degree in Physiotherapy, only to realise 6 years later that it wasn’t her dream. She decided that she needed a change and quit her full-time job to embark on a new journey and created ‘Life with Bess’.

Forever a creative at heart, Bess has always had a project on the go, trying everything from screen printing, hand lettering, sewing her own clothes, bullet journalling, and recently refound her love for embroidery. Residing on the northside of Brisbane, Bess lives with her husband Jake and 2 Border Collies (more on both of them below).

Bess is a self-professed movie buff, and on any given day you’ll find her watching Netflix or Disney+ (with the subtitles on) while she busily works away. Fantasy is her genre of choice when it comes to both books and TV. Bess is also a huge Marvel nerd (Team Cap) and if she could choose a superpower, she’d pick teleportation – both to never be late again and to avoid traffic.

You might be wondering where the bee logo came from. While shopping in England in 2016, Bess was on the lookout for a signature necklace and was thinking of something that had a ‘b’ for Bess.

She came across the bee design and was in love and since then bees have been her animal and an icon of all things Bess. The bee has been the logo since the very beginning and is a core part of the Life with Bess brand. 

Bess’s Favourite Product:

“I love the fabric packs. Curating all the colours of fabric all together and being inspired to stitch on something different. Not to mention I love that feeling of unwinding the fabric getting ready to cut it! ” 

jake’s Favourite Product:

“Thread Club, easily. I love the fact that you can collect every single skein of DMC embroidery floss possible and not need to go out to the store. Spotlight scares me! Haha.”


Business brain / customer service / payroll / it helpdesk

Jake works at LWB only part-time. The rest of his week is spent as a Financial Adviser. Jake is the dream-facilitator at LWB and has often been quoted mid-discussion with “Jake would say just go and do it”. Jake is the Instagram husband and personal cheer squad of Bess, amateur photographer, IT helpdesk if anything on the website fails and customer service when required. 

Now with a growing team, Jake is also the internal HR department and Payroll Manager! Small business is truly a world of wearing many hats at once. Jake is often found putting the final touches on website listings, proof reading website copy, approving podcast edits and crunching the numbers of new products and releases.


studio assistant / customer service / content writer

Tasha, short for Nataasha, is LWB’s Studio Assistant. Tasha comes from a background of over 10 years in Administration and Project Coordination roles.Tasha has always had creative roots, having studied Creative Industries and IT at University.

After deciding to embark on a solo-motherhood journey and having her son Ryan in 2020, Tasha wanted a better work/life balance. She resigned from her full-time job to come and work for LWB part-time so that she could spend the other half of her week at home with Ryan. 

Tasha is also a Marvel lover, although has been known to switch sides solely for Wonder Woman. Outside of work and mum-life she likes to relax by creative planning, binging on Netflix, tending to her garden and running her Instagram page focused on a debt-free lifestyle. 

tasha’s Favourite Product:

“I love the Tropical Leaves Embroidery Kit and the Shelf Care Pattern Kit. I’m a sucker for anything with plants.”

 aurora + wren

jnr. studio assistants / security / workplace wellbeing

After training four guide dog puppies, Bess and Jake longed for a dog of their own that they wouldn’t have to part with 8 months later. Enter a wheaten Border Collie called Aurora (or Rora, Roo for short) and her little brother, a Blue Border Collie Wren (sometimes referred to as Renagin).

Aurora has many important jobs at LWB including sniffing all incoming parcels and keeping the team happy with pats and belly rubs. Aurora is also excellent security and no one gets past her spidey-senses.

Wren is Bess and Jake’s new little love and is fast learning his place at LWB, which is mostly to keep everyone happy, give cuddles and entertain Aurora. 


with a little help from…

 from the bush collective

 holly + rob


Holly and Bess first connected on Instagram in late 2018, and quickly became close friends. Holly and Bess are both passionate photographers and Holly runs her own photography business part-time, as well as being a teacher and mum (talk about busy!).


In October 2020, Bess asked Holly and Rob, who is a builder by trade, if they would consider helping her make their own embroidery stand. The ever patient Rob said yes, and the rest is history. Rob and Holly complete the first stages of the stands, which involves sourcing timber, cutting it to size, drilling and then sanding each piece for the stands. The stands then arrive at the LWB studio where they are sanded, painted and packaged before being sent off to you! 

 josh + juliette

founder / ceo / designer / podcast host

Josh, a barista by day, and Juliette, who runs her own small business, live in Tasmania. Like Bess and Jake, they have a love for all things geeky. Josh helps to edit our podcast Stitching & Co and Juliette runs her own business ‘By Juju’.


Bess and Juliette often bounce ideas off each other, as they share a similar style and love for all things botanical. Juliette also does any custom stitching projects that come in as inquiries for LWB. 


thread club packer / catering / box folding extraordinaire

Bess and Annette have been BFF’s for over 20 years. Annette is basically

family, as she is a fur mum to Aurora’s brother Finn. Annette often comes over to assist in busy times and has been known to bring a box of donuts or bags of lollies with her.

She is a pro at packaging up Thread Club and folding endless boxes for all your orders! You can often find her stamping envelopes and bags with LWB’s branding and loves to crack out the embosser. 


package inspector / entertainment

Ryan is Tasha’s son and casual LWB team member. 


Ryan has a number of jobs including inspecting packages before they leave the studio, entertaining Aurora and Wren and the rest of us with his babbling and feeding the dogs his leftovers.


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Life with Bess respectfully acknowledges the Turrbal people, the traditional custodians of the land upon which we live and work.
We humbly acknowledge their elders past, present and future and celebrate and honour their culture.

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