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Bess is the creator and mastermind behind ‘Life with Bess’. Bess graduated university with a degree in Physiotherapy, only to realise 6 years later, that it wasn’t her dream. She decided that she needed a change and quit her full-time job to embark on a new journey and built the brand that became ‘Life with Bess’.

Life with Bess has now grown into a small team based both in our studio and in other locations across Australia.

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how it all started

Life with Bess (LWB) started in 2017 as a lifestyle blog and Instagram account, focused around life…with Bess. It was originally focused on a variety of Bess’s hobbies and side hustles, including screen printing, finding (and sometimes making) eco conscious products, sewing her own clothes and raising guide dogs.

In 2019 after experiencing a long period of burnout with her full-time job, Bess decided enough was enough and she resigned. Fast forward to early 2020, stuck at home with not a lot to do, she found herself turning back to a hobby that was rooted in her blood, embroidery. After sharing her projects on her social channels, others began asking how they could get their hands on a pattern to create their own. LWB then evolved into what it is today, an embroidery business helping others to bring out their creative selves. Even though LWB is primarily an embroidery business now, the lifestyle component is still a huge part of LWB.

If you’re interested to find out more about the journey that gave birth to LWB, take a listen to the Stitching & Co podcast that Bess hosts.

eco           philosophy

LWB has had an eco-conscious focus since it’s beginning. Bess has always been a lover of the environment and started with making better choices in her own home after getting married in 2018. When creating the business, she knew she didn’t want a lot of waste or to leave a big footprint on the earth. 




Bess believes that business, as well as individuals, can make a difference and drive others to make sustainable choices. When it came to her own business, she knew she needed to find eco-friendly solutions for her packaging and everything from the paper to the tape used. Bess also prioritises working with other small, Australian businesses.


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Life with Bess respectfully acknowledges the Turrbal people, the traditional custodians of the land upon which we live and work.
We humbly acknowledge their elders past, present and future and celebrate and honour their culture.

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