Can we all just agree that this year has just been the weirdest time warp ever. Pretty sure we skipped a month or two in there and all of my routines have gone out the window. And while I might have been home for more than normal… I have definitely not been keeping up with my cleaning. That combined with some major cabin fever starting to kick in, I am hankering for a major spring clean, declutter and reorganisation of my home. 

The last two years I have hosted a week long ‘SPRING CLEANING CHALLENGE’ with checklists and an amazing collection of Aussie instagrammers giving us all their tips and tricks. However this year, we are actually in the middle of moving house… for the second time in a year. So I would say that’s the next level of spring cleaning, because at this point I am happy to hire a skip and just chuck all of my belongings just so I don’t have to move them again. So safe to say I won’t be hosting the spring cleaning challenge this year BUT that doesn’t mean you miss out!!!

Below is the link to 6 massive checklists from 2019 covering the 6 main common areas in a home. There is a list to declutter, clean and organise for your bedrooms, living areas, play rooms, bathroom, laundry, kitchen, garage and home office. Feel free to smash it out in a day or take a week to work through each list. It is totally up to you!! Be ruthless with your decluttering, rearrange some furniture, wash all your cushion covers and open up the house to make your rooms feel fresh. Happy cleaning!!!

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