portfolio | coming of age

let me just tell you that i remember when when this little girl was born ahhhh and now she is graduating grade 6 *shock face*, that makes me feel old! when her mum reached out to me to organise a ‘graduation’ photoshoot from primary school i was super excited! what an amazing moment to capture and remember forever. i went with them for the school pick-up one afternoon and then we explored all over the school grounds. i will say, if i ever need a photography assistant i will hire her mum because she was allllll over it! she was organised with a pinterest board of photos she wanted to replicate and her daughter knew the drill as her mum directed her stand here, look here, put your hand here. thankfully she very happily went along with it #daughteroftheyear. some of my favourite shots are from the library, she is a kindred spirit with a love of books and what she is looking forward to most about high school is… a bigger library!