DIY Macrame Hanging in Less Than 10 minutes

DIY Macrame Hanging

Are you ready to get your craft on?!!! Haha I’ve been looking to add something to the dead space above our TV for a couple of months now. And while macrame hangings are very easy to find these days, I really really wanted to make something myself. So after a bit of pinteresting (yes I use this as a verb daily haha), I discovered I had all the materials I already needed to make my own super easy wall macrame hanging. How easy is that! I didn’t even need to leave the house for this. 

All you need is:

  • wool or yarn – in whatever colour you prefer. For my size of hanging, I ended up using about 3 small rolls. 
  • dowel – this is totally up to you!!! You can go as big or little as you want really. I knew I didn’t want it too small where it would get lost in the space so mine is about 30cm long. 
  • scissors

DIY Macrame Hanging

STEP 1 – Prepare the Dowel

All I needed to do was measured some wool to the desired length and carefully double knotted it around the ends of the dowel to form a loop. This is the loop that will allow you to attach your hanging to the wall and it probably easier to do before you do anything else.

You can choose to glue the wool to the dowel as well if you like but I felt that mine was stable enough, so didn’t have to worry about that step. You will end up with something that looks like this… 

DIY Macrame Hanging

STEP 2 – Measure Your Wool

Some people cut a piece of cardboard to the desired length buuuuut just wrapped the wool around my forearm. Haha super easy right?! 

The length of your loops will have to be relative to the overall size of the wall hanging. If you want a larger and longer macrame hanging, you will need to use the cardboard.

I wrapped the wool around my forearm 10 times and then cut all the strands carefully to create my half loops ready to tie onto the dowel. I found that in the end I needed 12 of these loops for mine.

STEP 3 – Tying the Wool

 For me, this was the fun part… tying the wool loops onto the dowel! Now macrame is known for complex knots and intricate designs buuuut this one is super easy to pick up. This knot is actually called a lark’s head knot if you are curious.

  1. Place the top of the loop over the top of the dowel, making sure that there is equal length in the ‘tails’. 
  2. Tuck the top of the loop UNDER the dowel
  3. Wrap the tails into the top of the loop and pull down tight!
  4. Repeat until your dowel is full!!!

DIY Macrame Hanging


After you’ve added all of the loops, you end up with something that looks a little like this… Cousin Itt from Adams family haha. 

DIY Macrame Hanging

STEP 4 – Cut to Desired Shape

Time for a haircut!!!! This was probably the hardest bit of the whole process for me haha. Argh the struggle to get it even!! It is easier to do it with the wool hanging, so maybe ask for some help with this step. Or you can try to do it one handed like me.

Voila!!! You have your very own macrame hanging! Ready to be hung wherever you desire! I just used a 3M command hook to attach ours above the TV. Overall for me this whole process only took around 10 minutes WHILE taking photos, so it shouldn’t take you too long at all.

DIY Macrame Hanging

I think it works perfectly for our little space above the TV! And there are so many variations you could do with different colour wool, adding some gold rings or even braiding some of the wool together. I might have to make some more I think! Perfect for a simple Christmas gift. Ooooo imagine doing one for Christmas with gold and red!! I love the idea. 

Happy making, my friends, and if you do give this wall hanging a go, make sure to tag me on Instagram @lifewithbess so I see your amazing work!!!!