My Top 10 Favourite Fantasy Book Series

Ever since I can remember, I have been an avid book reader… like stay-under-the-doona-with-a-torch-until-3am kind of avid book reader, and I still am. So today I have rounded up my top (current) 10 fantasy book series for y’all.

It wasn’t until I was in uni that I discovered that my favourite genre was fantasy and as much as I love Anne of Green Gables and many of the classics, there is something about fairies and magic abilities that appeals to me. Over the years I have also definitely found my favourite fantasy authors… pretty much anything they write, I will read!

Top 10 Fantasy Book Series

And to all those people who say ‘but I don’t have time to read anymore!’, I say to you AUDIOBOOKS are a lifesaver! (*cough cough* youtube, people!). Great for while you are cleaning, cooking or even driving!

1. Trylle Trilogy (Amanda Hocking) – 3 books. 

When I first read this series I could not put it down!!! It is the story of 17 year old girl, Wendy, who discovers she is a changeling and was swapped at birth from her real family. But now it is time for her to finally go home. I don’t want to give it away, but she discovers the very magical and amazing world of the Trylle, a race of magical trolls. And no, not the ones you think of from when we were kids haha. It has adventure, magic abilities, suspense and a touch of romance.

2. Kanin Chronicles (Amanda Hocking) – 3 books

Written by the same author as Trylle Trilogy, it even takes place in the same ‘world’ following a different tribe of trolls. Bryn has been training to be a protector of her kingdom even though she is different. She gets caught up in a conspiracy to cause war among the different tribes of the Trylle. I seriously love any series that expands on the story from another book series and this one even has characters that cross over between the series.

3. The Mortal Instruments (Cassandra Clare) – 6 books

You may be aware of the Netflix original show, Shadowhunters and this is the book series it is based off. And as it often is… the books are soooooooooo much better than the TV show haha. As a super short summary – having grown up thinking she was normal, Clary suddenly discovers that she is a Shadowhunter, an appointed warrior to fight off demons and supernatural creatures in the mortal world. And as you can imagine with a series with 6 books, there are a lot of twists and turns, battles, different discoveries as Clary finds out who she is as a Shadowhunter.

4. The Infernal Devices (Cassandra Clare) – 3 books

This series is technically the prequel to Mortal Instruments as it takes place in the late 1800’s and it follows the story of some characters ancestors. Again all to do with Shadowhunters BUT I recommend reading it after Mortal Instruments because you will get so much more out of it. When I was reading this, I seriously would squeal when I connected different things together from the two series. Well worth the read!

5. Throne of Glass (Sarah J. Mass) – 7 books (8th to be released end of October)

Oh my goody goodness!! This series is seriously addictive. One of my friends got me onto it and I am sooooo glad she did. The story of an 18 year old girl assassin who is freed from slave labour to fight for the chance to be the kings champion – what is there not to love. I cannot wait until the next book comes out! Seriously it is so hard waiting to see what happens ahhhhhh. Although warning… there may be some pages you might want to skip in the later books. 

6. A Court of Thorns and Roses (Sarah J. Mass) – 3  books

Same author as Throne of Glass, the first book in this series reminded me soooo much of the story of Beauty and the Beast haha. And then I read it’s blurb online and it was actually based off the Beauty and the Beast storyline. But it is so much more than that –  Feyre is taken captive to a magical world for killing a wolf in the woods. And as you can guess she is the one to have break a mysterious curse in a land… but that is only the first book and in my opinion it gets much better from there. As with the previous book… there are a few sections I prefer to skip. 

7. Firebird Series (Claudia Gray) – 3 books

Boy this series is something different … but in a good way. I’ve heard it described as orphan black crossed with cloud atlas but what I love most about this series is the different versions of the world that we experience. It tells the story of a girl chasing her father’s killer through different dimensions using a device called the firebird. She jumps to a world where she was the daughter of the Tsar in Russia or where she grew up in England rather than America etc etc. I loved experiencing the different dimensions as she is trying to solve the mystery. Crime and fantasy… the best combination. Definitely a thriller series!

8. The Heroes of Olympus (Rick Riordan) – 5 books

Want to learn more about Greek and Roman mythology? Then I 100% recommend reading this series by Rick Riordan. He is the same author as Percy Jackson and the Lightning Bolt Thief Series but this particular series made it onto the list because it is an amazing AMAZING cross over between the Greek and Roman gods! I mean the details are incredible. Percy is still one of the main characters but he is suddenly in the Roman camp for demigods and there are some Roman demigods in the Greek camp. Kinda hard to explain.

But if you haven’t read any of these series yet, start with the 5 Percy Jackson and the Lightning Bolt Thief books and go from there. Lots of adventure, sword fighting and obviously mythical creatures with a running commentary from a 16 year old boy (Percy) and his friends.

9. The Kane Chronicles (Rick Riordan) – 3 books + small book of short stories

You did it again Rick… but this time with Egyptian mythology (seriously! he also has a Nordic god series as well). It tells the story of a brother and sister who find out they are magicians, descended from two very powerful pharaohs and how they now have to contend with the Egyptian gods in a modern society. I was more familiar with the Greek and Roman mythology, so I found it fascinating to learn more about the Egyptians. Its really just action, action, action with magic thrown in!

10. The Trials of Apollo (Rick Riordan) – 3 books (4th to be released 2019)

A sequel to the Heroes of Olympus series, in these books Apollo the god of music, poetry, light and healing is turned human for his involvement in the previous books. An immortal god, made mortal in the body of a very awkward teenage boy as punishment, I found it hilarious. These books are such easy reading with adventure everywhere and of course can’t go past magic powers and a massive twist or two. The 4th book isn’t due to be release for aggggges… so I guess I just have to wait now. 

So there you go! 10 of my favourite fantasy book series. There are a few more but I capped myself at 10 for now haha. Is there anything in my list of series you haven’t read yet? Anything you would recommend? I am all ears!!!

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