Spring Cleaning Challenge

Oh my goodness, you guys are cleaning warriors! This time last week we were super close to rounding out the 5 day spring cleaning challenge!!  Seeing everyone doing their best and using #lwbspringclean made me so very happy. But I just wanna start off by saying a massive thank you to everyone who participated in whatever way was practical for you.   

However, it would be a terrible shame to limit these checklists to just a single week of inspiration in Spring. So, guess what? I am making them available as a downloadable resource ALL YEAR ROUND! Yep!! Whenever you want them… they will be right here! Even the bonus 6th checklist!

The 5 day spring cleaning challenge is a series of methodical and achievable checklists that cover the main rooms in your house. And as a special treat I have included a bonus checklist for the home office as well! So technically now it is a 6 day spring cleaning challenge haha.

You’ll quickly realise that these checklists aren’t exhaustive by any means and that some of the ‘normal’ cleaning tasks aren’t on there… aka vacuuming or mopping haha. This was intentional to focus more on the things we don’t normally get to. So don’t forgot to still do your normal clean! 

Come and join in with us on Instagram by tagging me (aka @lifewithbess) and using the hashtag #lwbspringclean. Let’s cheer each other on!

Happy cleaning!

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