Happy Monday lovely’s!!! Today I thought I might share all about the #30in30twistmepretty hair challenge I did for the month of July with the amazingly gorgeous Abby Smith from Twist Me Pretty! Yep you would’ve seen some major hair spam on my insta over the past month haha but secretly I know you all loved it!

Essentially we had to do a different hairstyle everyday focusing on learning different braiding styles, one different ‘type’ a week… WHHHAAAT?!!! But that meant no messy bun everyday or any lazy hair days (I seriously have these all the time haha) instead I had to get up every morning with enough time to do the designated style and photograph it before racing out the door.  Sometimes that meant having to quickly take pictures before starting work because the sun wasn’t up when I left home!

I’ve been braiding my hair for as long as I can remember, having taught myself how to plait on a my little pony’s hair with my brother reluctantly holding the other end haha… but there has always been a few braids and hairstyles that have been extra challenging for me and my ultra thin/fine hair *ahem* don’t mind the ‘bald spots’ that happened with some of the hairstyles.

But overall I love love loved this challenge for forcing me out of my comfort zone and actually perfecting a few new hairstyles (hellllo waterfall braids baby). Seriously braiding everyday made for a massive difference! And in a way I actually miss it haha… maybe I’ll just start the challenge again and just keep cycling through it forever!! But I’ve collected all of the hairstyles from the challenge into one place for y’all to get inspired to braid your hair a bit more!!

Week 1 – French Braids

Up until this point I had barely touched a french braid since I taught myself the dutch braid! So it actually took me a day or two to adjust to putting the hair over instead of under… (braid talk…. soz haha).

Week 2 – Dutch Braids

Ahhhhh this week was the one that I felt the most comfortable from the very beginning. This is most often my go to braid!! Being able to ‘pancake’ the hair makes it look fuller and fluffier than it really is, so perfect for hiding just how limiting my hair can be. Ironically this week also held what I felt was the hardest hairstyle for me haha. But trying to braid my hair straight back on my head rather than around to my ears which I normally do… it was like my fingers just didn’t bend that way. Safe to say there was a lot of frustration that day.

Week 3 – Fishtail Braids

At this point I couldn’t believe I had lasted two weeks, doing my hair consistently #winning and was very apprehensive going into week 3 and 4. Fishtail braids… they look amazing but take longer (for me with long hair) and the dutch fishtail braid has never been my friend. I think prior to this challenge I had only successfully made it look good once!!! Haha but plaiting fishtails for 3 days before doing to the braid made such a difference. I had learnt the muscle memory and could do it at the back of my head without looking – it just clicked… although I couldn’t do it without my arms feeling like they would fall off haha.

Week 4 – Waterfall Braid

Prior to this final week of the challenge, I had attempted a waterfall braid ONCE in my life!!! and had failed so horribly (fine hair made it hard k) that I was sooooo worried that I wouldn’t be able to complete this weeks challenge. But by this stage of the challenge I was more confident in my skills and had worked out how to use styling products to my advantage… hello sea salt spray and styling mousse to give my hair a heap more grit and texture! And look at these waterfall braids!!!!! They are so pretty and soft… and look perfect with a slight curl in your hair.

Day 30, the last day was what I like to call #braiderschoice! If I hadn’t been on an early shift at work I might’ve been a bit more adventurous but I settled for combining dutch and fishtail braids (I almost just wrote dishtail hahahahah). It was so exciting reaching the last day of the challenge but also sad! There is such an amazing community of women using the #30in30twistmepretty tag and reaching out and supporting each other was one of the best parts of the whole challenge!

Looking back at it now… WOW!!!! I did all of these?? I did my hair properly everyday????? WHHHHHAT!!! Safe to say my hair was in a messy bun for the day after the challenge haha. But by the time Friday came around I was itching to braid again! If you don’t know how to braid and have no idea where to start!!! Check out Twist Me Pretty and her amazing collection of videos that seriously talk you through every single step!!!!!

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